The Leslie Broadcaster was a newsletter/newspaper publication of Leslie Junior High School in Salem, Oregon.  The Willamette Heritage Center Archives in Salem, Oregon, has 33 editions of this publication in its permanent collections, ranging in dates from 1933-1941.

Leslie Junior High School/Leslie Middle School

19990130004Leslie Junior High School is the city of Salem’s second oldest middle school, after Parrish Middle School.

The school opened at 710 Howard St SE in Salem, Oregon in 1927.  The school was named after Reverend David Leslie, a Methodist Missionary on whose original land claim the school was built.  Leslie Middle School, as it became, moved to a new site at 3850 Pringle Road SE in 1997.

Pilot Digitization Project

This blog is a pilot project in digitizing items from the Willamette Heritage Center’s extensive collections of archival materials.  The hope is to create a cost effective way to make materials available to researchers.  We welcome feedback and suggestions.  Contact us at research@willametteheritage.org.

Get Involved

Want to help with this project.  We need help transcribing these issues so that they are fully functional.  Pick an issue from the list without a transcription, type what you see in the comment area, and voila!  We will make these newsletters keyword searchable before you know it!




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