October 4, 1933 pg 1

WHC 2005.011.0003

WHC 2005.011.0003

This is the first page of the Leslie Junior High Broadcaster, Volume 2., Number 1.  published in Salem, Oregon on October 4, 1933.   Part of the Willamette Heritage Center Archives, Accession No. 2005.011.0003.

Page Status: This Page is partially transcribed.



A real pep rally is to be held October 9th during activity period.  Each song and each yell leader is to lead his class, then the entire student body, in a song or yell which he has selected.  Although the main purpose of the rally is to arouse interest in the 9A Hello-Day, it will also give an excellent opportunity to introduce new songs and yells and to learn old ones.

All leaders are to report to Miss Scott on, or before, Thursday evening, October 5th, their selection of songs and yells.


The Girl Reserves met Wednesday, Sept. 27, and the following officers were elected: President–Virginia Hart; Vice President–Edith Tanner; Secretary–Elizabeth Otjen; Treasurer–Helen Smith.

At this meeting the girls decided to join the Parrish group in a “grandmother party” to be given at the Y.W.C. on Friday evening, Oct. 6.  All girls that are interested are invited to come in old-fashioned clothing such as their grandmothers wore.


Marion County teachers’ institute will be held October 6 in the Senior high school.  As a result all the schools of the county will be closed for the day, and the students will have opportunity to enjoy a three-day week end.


One thought on “October 4, 1933 pg 1

    Sept. 27, 1933
    Each year I am given the privlege of writing a few words of welcome to the boys and girls of Leslie. I want you to know that we are glad to have you with us, and hope we can help you to be happy throughout the year.
    This is one of of the most important in our country’s entire history. This year we are starting on an adventure. We are pledging our hears and our hands and our honest endeavor to defeat the so-called Depression. (Continued on page 8)

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