October 4, 1933 pg 2

WHC 2005.001.0003

WHC 2005.001.0003

This is the second page of the Leslie Junior High Broadcaster, Volume 2., Number 1.  published in Salem, Oregon on October 4, 1933.   Part of the Willamette Heritage Center Archives, Accession No. 2005.011.0003.

Page Status: This Page Needs Transcribing

Key Words

Birdie Hebel, Shirley Thomas, Lucille Hanson, Jack Lansing, Jimmie Sehon, Virginia Mason, Irene Hickman, Maxine Alford, Vera Walker, Bill Phillips, Jewell Minier, Charles Delzell, Vivian Carr, Myrtle Scott, June Neef, Bertha Magness, Lillian Scott, Atlee Pearcy, Bob Reeves, Jere Simmons, Madeleine Hanna, P.T.A, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. John McLaughlin, Apples,


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